Saturday, April 10, 2010

10th of April, Rachel Corrie's birthday

"I feel like I am witnessing the systematic destruction of a people's ability to survive...Sometimes I sit down to dinner with people and i realize there is a massive military machine surrounding us,trying to kill the people I am having dinner with " Rachel Corrie .

" Coming here is one of the better things I have ever done...I am in the midst of genocide which I [ as an American ] am indirectly supporting and for which my government a largely responsible...It's a good for us all to drop everything and devote our lives to making this stop " Rachel Corrie.

Her name was Rachel Corrie...These were her words...
And just for that she deserved to be killed brutally by an israeli bulldozer..
And again just for that, she will always remain alive in our hearts as a symbol of courage, love , sacrifice and compassion .

Rachel was born in April 10,1979 to an average American middle class family, raised in Olympia,Washington. She was an ordinary American young lady , a student of arts in the Evergreen State College, it was her final year in college, and according to her friends, she dreamed to be a poet and a dancer.
Rachel was a beautiful girl,full of energy and life. A very active and kind person as her history tells us. She took a year off from her studies to work as a volunteer in the Washington State conservation Corps. She had also volunteered to work with patients with mental disorders on a weekly basis for several years..Her last volunteer work was to travel to Gaza to join the protesters from the International Solidarity Movement , and initiate a " sister city " project between Olympia and Rafah.

Like most Americans Rachel has never imagined the situation in Palestine. She was shocked to witness a whole nation slaughtered, deprived of basic life needs and literally denied the right to exist. She has expressed that in many e-mails she has sent to her mother from Gaza.
After attending a "direct action tactics" training course in West Bank ISM headquarters, Rachel was flied to Gaza strip to work with the protesters on trying to prevent the massive Palestinian houses demolitions carried out by the israeli army.
She stayed with the protestors in a tent, that was a target for israeli snipers who have shot many bullets around the protesters' tent and just under their feet to frighten them.Rachel and her co-protesters removed the tent and left the place as it was unsafe. They were taken into Palestinian homes, offered beds and meals. It was a crazy time with many homes destruction going on, and Rachel with her friends were working hard against it.
On March 16,2003 , together with other members of ISM, Rachel was trying to prevent the demolition of the house of Sameer Nasrallah, a Palestinian pharmacist, during which she was brutally killed.
At the day of her murder, Rachel was wearing a high visibility jacket ( orange fluorescent ,with reflective strips ) , talking in a megaphone ,with her prescience and the prescience of her group well known to the israeli army.
The bulldozer was moving towards the house, and Rachel ( wearing her high visibility jacket ) climbed on the top of a pile of earth to be clearly seen by the bulldozer driver and she started talking asking the bulldozer driver to stop. The criminal Israeli driver continued moving anyway towards her, she turned to move away from that spot and went down the pile of earth, but the bulldozer moved steadily towards her ( with unmistakable intention to kill her ) and she was engulfed in the pile of earth as the bulldozer passed over her body crushing her to death with cold blood. Eye-witnesses from the ISM mentioned that a panicked expression was the last thing they have seen on Rachel's face before the bulldozer crushed her body.

I can not stop my tears every-time i look at Rachel picture after she was killed. I feel very sad and angry that the American Congress, and the American Department of State have neither ordered an investigation on her murder nor taken a real appropriate action to punish her killer, just letting Rachel's killer go unpunished and probably killing more and more people everyday.
You can all imagine how Rachel's parents are feeling , how tragic was their loss, and how sad and frustrated they have been to be denied the right of the victim to take legal action against their daughter's killer.

To Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Cindy Corrie, we are so sorry for the death of your daughter. We can feel your pain, and your severe loss.
It has been 7 years now since Miss Corrie's death, but I want you to know that we have not forgotten Rachel and her heroic actions , and we will never do, not after 7 years, not after 70 years .
We can never forget a young lady who had left her family, her friends , her comfortable life and traveled thousands of miles to the most tense area of the world, just to help protecting helpless people , to promote peace , and to defend what she believed was right. That was very beautiful , very brave , and very human.

Rachel Corrie will always be remembered , prayed for ,and honoured .

Ahmad Essam.

Anyone would wonder why would a young lady like Rachel Corrie leave her sweet warm home, to go to one of the poorest and most dangerous places in the world?! Why would she endanger her life for some people that she didn't know! She didn't belong to their race, religion or culture!
Simply because she is bonded to them with so much bigger bond, it's the humanity! Or at least that was what she believed.
She believed that every human being is responsible for how disgusting our world has become, she believed that everyone should have a role in reforming it.
She believed in the right of the Palestinians, She went beyond the boundaries of her nationality, and had the courage to see the injustice that the Palestinians are facing by the support of the USA. She believed that she – as an American citizen - is in a way responsible for this genocide in Gaza Strip, and she believed that she had to have a role in supporting the Palestinians' rights.
She believed in justice, freedom and equality, she believed in humanity! And she sacrificed her life for what she believed!
Rachel Corrie, I will always remember you, pray for you, and praise your name! You will always be in my heart.

Amr Essam

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