Monday, December 28, 2009

At the anniversary of Gaza war

One year ago, on the twenty-seventh of December, while Christians all around the world were probably still celebrating the Christmas, and all people around the world were about to celebrate the new year, the Palestinian people in Gaza were experiencing a very different situation.
No Christmas songs, or ringing bells, the only sound they were hearing all the time was the sound of bombs and missiles exploding here or there. They didn't watch fireworks at the sky, but instead they watched the flashing light of the White phosphorus. (using white phosphorus against personnel targets is against the law of land warfare, and of course that's how it was used against the Palestinian people.)
The Santa Claus who visited the Palestinian children was the war with its catastrophes; suffer, pain & tears! and the red color that was visible there wasn't the color of the wrapping papers around the gifts, but the color of their blood!
Actually no many people remember this incident, and no many people even care about it. Why should they? It's just a massacre against a third world people who don't even have a country! Probably most people would like to think about it in a certain way: "The Palestinian people are bunch of terrorists who disturb Israel, so they deserve whatever happened to them"!
Thinking in this way is very comforting for most of people, the Palestinians are terrorists so we don't have to bother ourselves about them.
But what if they weren't terrorists?! What if it's their own land and their own country, and they are just resisting the illegal occupation, simply as anyone would have done? Facing these facts is a very big problem, as it will bother everyone's conscience, it will collapse everyone's claim that he supports Freedom, Justice and equality.
Here are people who are fighting for their rights, for their freedom, why don't you support them?
In Egypt there's an expression which summarizes this point of view, it's "wana maly!"
This expression could nearly be translated to "none of my business".
You wouldn't gain any benefit by supporting them, why would you care then? Actually those who have this point of view support nothing but their own benefits. But sometimes it's so harsh to face the one's self by some facts, so people tend to denying them.
I don't know why I'm writing this now, I just wanted to remind myself and everyone who might read this by Gaza War, I wanted to Pray for mercy upon the Palestinian martyrs, and I wanted to salute the Palestinian resistance.
.May Allah bless Palestine..Free Palestine

Amr Essam

Gaza (Tale of a Sad City)

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معك بقوة في هذي النقطه
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