Wednesday, December 16, 2009


مش عارف ليه كتبت الحاجات دي بالإنجليزي، أنا مقتنع إن الواحد مهما بلغت درجة إجادته لأي لغة، تبقى لغته الأم برضو أكتر لغة بيعرف يعبّر بيها عن نفسه، بس همّ جم كدا ومش عارف ليه.

There are two kinds of people:
Those who have mental disturbance, and those who have nothing at all!
Stop thinking and sink into your thoughts
Sometimes you just have to run, although you don't know why would you!
Stop listening to songs…SING!
You can praise yourself and still be a very humble person
To dance is to be the flame of a candle, just let the music be the wind!
I know it's so hard to communicate with me, that's why I am worthy communicating with.
I know that I'm good at many things, the problem is that I'm perfect at nothing!
It's not about being reticent, it's about the lack of enjoyment talking to you.


Anonymous said...

keep going plz

Amr said...

I thought that would be Hossam Hassan or Jose Mourinho. I like that anyway.

محمد سعد القويري said...
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